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Signature Performance Receives KLAS Rating on Revenue Cycle Optimization

Signature Performance is proud to have recently received a 94.8 from KLAS on Revenue Cycle Optimization. Signature’s rating was compiled from unique reviews from Signature’s clients and partners in which 99% gave a positive rating about their loyalty in working with Signature. A KLAS rating is used to help healthcare organizations identify other high-quality partners and clients who provide the solutions and services they may be looking for. KLAS, which is a highly regarded research organization, has recognized Signature Performance as one of the industry's top-tier revenue cycle optimization companies.

KLAS ratings are created based on the following process:

  1. KLAS interviews clients in the areas of Loyalty, Operations, Product/Service, Relationship and Value.

  2. Data is analyzed to identify key trends and insights.

  3. Research findings are shared with involved organizations.

  4. KLAS works with vendor leadership teams to provide feedback on solutions.

One key differentiator of a KLAS rating is that the score is compiled based on candid feedback from the client contacts who have experience working with the scored organization. KLAS researchers are diligent in finding the “true story of what is happening with every vendor solution.” By keeping all data and feedback strictly anonymous, KLAS strives to ensure data accuracy to maintain the integrity of the feedback and to provide a credible resource to other industry partners.

Receiving a 94.8 from KLAS proves that our Signature team of industry experts is well equipped to help reduce healthcare administrative costs and burdens in the United States. Our KLAS commentary consistently noted Signature’s depth of knowledge, ability to innovate under unusual circumstances, and willingness to expand and adapt when facing challenges.

Here are a few quotes from our report:

“In terms of strategy and coming up with solutions based on the scope they were engaged for, the firm brought up more than we ended up implementing, so I thought they were very creative. They always came up with ideas that they tapped into their networks to see what was working. Everything was happening in real time. The firm didn't take a cookie-cutter approach. They were very creative in their solutions and up-to-date.” - Partnering VP/Executive.
“The firm's speed of delivery in finding the right resource has been second to none. I have never seen another firm find the right resources in as short of an amount of time as Signature Performance. They have the fastest delivery with the most professional skill sets coming in the door.” - Partnering Director/Executive.

Our team is dedicated to improving the health of our clients’ business and making the lives of the people we work with better. To learn more about our service offerings and capabilities, please visit our website at or reach out to one of our industry experts. If you’d like to read more about our latest solutions and innovation, check out our latest updates on The Link.


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