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Signature Performance Welcomes Dr. Clinton Greenstone

For the last 18 years, Signature Performance has been on a mission to lower the rising administrative costs in healthcare in the United States, while improving access and quality of care. Since the early days of our organization, we have set our sights high and continue to ask ourselves how we can positively disrupt the healthcare industry. With nearly two decades of experience serving the public, private, payer, and provider sectors of healthcare, we are committed to transforming the healthcare experience.

In order to make transformation possible, it takes the best talent in the industry working toward a common goal. To further our commitment of improving the healthcare experience, Signature Performance has welcomed Dr. Clinton “Leo” Greenstone to our organization as our first-ever Chief Medical Officer and as a member of our Executive Leadership Team. As Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Greenstone will utilize his vast industry expertise to support Signature in our vision to bend the curve of rising healthcare administrative costs and burdens in the United States in the federal and commercial markets.

“What excites me the most about joining the Signature Performance team is the incredible culture of inclusion and support that we have not only for the mission, but each other,” Dr. Greenstone, said. “The opportunities that we have at Signature Performance to alleviate administrative burden are endless and I am really excited to be able to explore them and work with such a dynamic group. I feel so aligned with Signature’s mission in the work I have done and look forward to continuing that work with Signature.”

Dr. Greenstone comes to Signature Performance with a diverse background in the healthcare industry. His background brings a unique perspective to the Signature Performance team with his unmatched ability to understand not only the administrative processes of healthcare, but also the clinical side. Dr. Greenstone has extensive experience in Veteran healthcare, including broad Veteran and academic experience. In 2021, Dr. Greenstone was awarded the Washington Exec Pinnacle Award for Healthcare Executive of the Year for the Federal Government. He is also a former clinical assistant professor of medicine at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and has held a variety of administrative and clinical appointments for both the federal and commercial sectors during his career. Dr. Greenstone will continue practicing as a staff physician in the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System.

“Dr. Greenstone is passionate about improving healthcare in this country. I witnessed his tireless drive and work ethic firsthand while working with him at the VA,” Zach Fain, Chief Technology Officer at Signature Performance, said. “His energy is infectious and motivates everyone he works with. Dr. Greenstone spearheaded numerous innovative efforts over the past several years transforming how Veterans are cared for in VA and in the community. His leadership was a key success factor in the implementation of VHA’s Community Care Network as well as all the IT systems that were necessary to support it.”

At Signature Performance, we want to inspire new possibilities within the healthcare industry. Healthcare administration is complex and hard to do well, but we have tapped into some of the most innovative minds in the industry who are dedicated to solving and streamlining administrative burdens for payers and providers in both the federal and commercial healthcare arenas. The Signature team is improving not only our clients’ business, but the entire healthcare industry by finding better ways to leverage technology, implement operational readiness, and other industry-leading processes which provide technical solutions and ultimately lower the cost of healthcare administration.

Do you want to transform healthcare? Join the Signature team! Visit our career page to review our latest opportunities.


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