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The Road to RevElate: Migration Made Simple

In an industry full of nuance and complexity, there are ample opportunities for both improvement and innovation. Many healthcare systems have been navigating the intricacies of managing several different software platforms siloed across their revenue cycle operations. For example, some currently utilize separate systems to manage their registration and scheduling such as Millenium Patient Access, and their revenue cycle functions, such as Soarian. 

Although these systems can work together from a functionality standpoint, it can leave opportunities for improvements within their revenue cycle workflows. Maintaining disparate systems can increase the hands-on administrative efforts required to manage two separate databases and can lead to increased variances, redundancies, and unnecessary administrative costs. Our team at Signature Performance is dedicated to helping you reduce administrative costs and burdens with our implementation subject matter expertise and our customized healthcare solutions and services. 

Graphic interpretation of a migration road

In October of 2021, Oracle Health announced the rollout of its newest revenue cycle solution, RevElate. This new platform will provide users with an upgraded model to synergize existing workflows and improve overall interoperability in healthcare. With only two health systems having fully transitioned to RevElate so far, the healthcare industry has been buzzing about the new platform, with many organizations wondering - what is the difference between RevElate and Soarian? What is the value-add for existing customers to make the transition, and how do we get there from where we are now? Let’s take a closer look at some of these common RevElate questions and explore how our Signature team of healthcare consultants can help you make the migration with ease.

When Will the Conversion to RevElate Become Essential to the Success of My Business? 

Although no exact timeframe has been given, Oracle Health has indicated that RevElate will be the go-forward revenue cycle management strategy. If you are an existing Soarian user, the system will continue to be functional and will operate but essential software updates and system support may be gradually scaled back or discontinued over time. According to some existing clients, Legacy Siemens solutions (such as INVISION or MS4I) will also no longer support further enhanced developments, with some sunset dates tentatively scheduled for late 2025. Our Soarian and RevElate experts recommend considering making the migration sooner rather than later to ensure your business can continue to run seamlessly without occurring potential work stoppages.

I Already Use Soarian. Should I Still Consider Migrating to RevElate?

Even if you have already implemented Soarian, it is still essential to your future success to consider making the transition to RevElate. RevElate offers a seamless integration of multiple systems using application programming interfaces (or APIs). This allows for enhanced coordination and communication across revenue cycle processes and removes the need for maintaining two sets of master files in each system. In doing so, you can expect a reduction in the administrative burden of manual maintenance, and reduce potential errors caused by data variances. 

Another reason to consider the transition to RevElate, is its common work listing feature across multiple systems in different revenue cycle departments. This allows  your follow-up accounts to be placed on one platform. By offering a common look and feel across platforms, users can expect an improved workflow experience due to increased familiarity and ease of accessibility. By reducing these timely and often-unnecessary processes, you can reinvest your time and resources back into other areas of your business and focus on patient care and outcomes.

Do I Have to Use Millenium Patient Access to Migrate to RevElate?

Short answer yes, long answer no. If your business is not currently on Millennium Patient Access, you may encounter additional challenges if and when you migrate to RevElate. The transition to RevElate usually requires being part of the Millennium ecosystem because RevElate integrates deeply with Millennium's patient access and clinical systems. Without the integration between the two systems, you could encounter set-backs with data consistency, a lack of workflow compatibility, and a lack of support and/or timely updates within the systems.

If your organization is considering a migration to RevElate but is not currently using Millennium Patient Access, you might require a more complex transition plan. Our Signature team of Healthcare consultants recommends you schedule a consultation with an experienced consultant for a detailed assessment and tailored migration plan. Our subject matter experts are dedicated to ensuring your transition plan goes as smoothly as possible with no delays or work-stoppages along the way. 


What Could Be At Stake If I Don’t Consult a RevElate Implementation Expert?

When considering a new software implementation, risk analysis is an integral component of due diligence. At the time of this publication, there are approximately five health systems undergoing RevElate implementations and two that have successfully completed go-live implementations with their operations. The largest risk of migrating to RevElate is that of improper implementation. 

If crucial steps are missed during the process you could experience major disruptions to existing workflows and potentially increase administrative costs and burdens related to manually correcting these issues. Having a consulting partner of subject matter experts, like Signature Performance, by your side for implementation can lower potential risks and work stoppages and can ensure your implementation is done correctly the first time. 

How Signature Performance Can Simplify Your Migration to RevElate

Whether you are still considering migration options, looking for legacy system support, or are ready to take the next step to implement RevElate, Signature Performance is prepared to help you through the transition, reduce your administrative costs and burdens, and improve your revenue cycle workflow functionality. Our Healthcare Consulting and Advisory team is proud to have provided key services throughout one of the first-ever RevElate implementations and have the knowledge and expertise to assist you with your migration plan. Our extensive experience with revenue cycle solutions and unmatched industry knowledge helps our clients find the best solutions for their business needs. To explore what is possible for your organization, contact our team today to learn more about what Signature Performance can offer. 


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