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Signature Performance Named 2023 Military Times: Best for Vets Employer

Since our founding in 2004, Signature Performance has been dedicated to serving Veterans and their family members by helping to improve the quality of and access to healthcare services. Having served military health organizations for almost 20 years, we are honored to not only serve Veterans through our work in our Customer Experience Center but also to have many Veterans on our Signature team.

As we approach Veterans Day, Signature is proud to announce we have been recognized by Military Times as a member of its 2023 Best for Vets: Employers rankings. Signature is honored to have been one of 230 employers to receive this notable recognition. It is a privilege to not only serve Veterans in our Customer Experience Center but also serve our Associates who served in the military themselves.

It is a great honor to create opportunities and provide support for our nation’s valued service members. With an initial debut in the Military Times rankings in 2020, Signature has consistently been recognized as a best-in-class employer, displaying our commitment to thoughtful policies, practices, and benefits for Veterans and their families.

"As a 20-year Air Force Veteran, it was important to me to find another opportunity to continue serving after retirement. I am so grateful that I found a home at Signature Performance. Our core values of passion, courage, integrity, and respect resonate with me in a big way because they closely align with the core values I grew up with in the Air Force. I also take pride in knowing the work I do allows me to continue serving the Veteran community. I know I am empowered here by the ample opportunities for personal and professional development and growth. Signature genuinely values the diverse views and experiences of all their Associates. We are empowered to show up as our whole selves. I am proud to be a part of Signature Performance and cannot wait to see what the future holds for us." - Jason Vanderheiden | HR Generalist at Signature Performance and Senior Master Sergeant (Retired), United States Air Force

An Honor to Serve

The uncommon dynamic of Veterans serving Veterans in our Customer Experience Center is truly inspiring. Our team of customer representatives, appointment schedulers, and claims processors, all work together to provide Veterans and their families with the service they deserve. Having received millions of calls from Veterans, Providers, and Veteran family members, we are honored to serve, support, and assist with the healthcare challenges that come their way. From resolving medical bill queries to processing outstanding medical claims, our team is available 24 hours, seven days a week, to help Veterans find the solutions they are looking for.

When speaking with some of our own Veteran Associates, their passion and dedication to helping serve the Veteran community through our work shines through in every interaction.

“It means a lot for me to give back and support the Veteran community because as a Marine Corps Veteran, I have a good understanding of what they went through and the type of care that is required upon their return from service. Signature is a great place to use my shared experiences to support them because I directly understand what they require just from being in the service. As Signature continues to grow so will the level of care that we can provide for Veterans and their families. Semper Fidelis.” - Mike Elayan | Provider Experience Representative at Signature Performance and Security Forces, United States Marine Corps

"My job in the military was to protect other service members and I feel that I get to continue that service at Signature every day. Our service members have sacrificed their time and well-being to serve our country and I feel that I owe a debt to them. Working with our Veterans every day and helping them take care of stressful medical bills is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done and I am proud of all the work we do at Signature Performance!" - Travis Cleberg | Provider Experience Representative at Signature Performance and Staff Sergeant, United States Army

An Honor to be Recognized

Recognition of this nature is a testament to our commitment to supporting Veterans in the workforce. As a Best for Vets Employer, we have an opportunity to unify the uncommon skills and experiences of our Veterans with our mission to improve the health of our clients’ business and make the lives of the people we work with better.

It is a distinct privilege to show our appreciation for the invaluable contributions of Veterans through thoughtful employment practices. In this spirit, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the Veterans of Signature who made this recognition possible. Thank you for your service; your commitment to our mission and Veterans plays an integral role in our success.

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