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Signature Performance Celebrates Health Information Professionals Week

This week, we are celebrating Health Information Professionals! Health information professionals play an important role in the healthcare experience because their work directly impacts providers, payers, and patients. Accurate medical documentation is a critical aspect of the revenue cycle process, but documenting patient health data is more than just transcribing codes, chart analysis, and descriptions for those in patient facing roles. Health information professionals are telling a patient’s story. By securing and humanizing the data that is collected, it can then be used in a meaningful way. When healthcare data can be utilized in a meaningful way, it ensures that the patient experience and outcome are not only positive, but it also allows healthcare systems to hone in on and deliver the type of care they see as most needed in the communities they serve.

This level of patient documentation allows clinicians and other public health officials to make important decisions that impact not only a patient’s treatment plan, but how providers and payers navigate reimbursements for medical claims. By ensuring that documentation is correct before it is sent to the payer, the flow of the revenue cycle can go uninterrupted and healthcare administration costs can be kept to a minimum. Healthcare administration costs make up over 30% of all medical bills and keeping that number low impacts not just the healthcare organization’s bottom line, but also those who are being billed for the treatment they receive.

At Signature Performance, we share the sentiments of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) that HIP Week 2022 is the perfect time to acknowledge individuals and teams who have responded with grace as they have navigated evolving protocols and guidelines during the pandemic and recovery.

“We greatly value the relationships we have with Health Information Professionals in our Healthcare industry. In order to improve our healthcare system, it takes synergistic work among all areas of the revenue cycle. Our industry’s Health Information Professionals are a key part in helping our hospitals, patients, and industry. We are thankful for all that they do,” Chris Vairo, Chief of Staff at Signature Performance, said.

We take great pride in our HIP partnerships and feel that by working together, a premier healthcare experience can be achieved and a positive impact can be made in the healthcare industry in the United States. Signature Performance is improving not only our clients’ business but the entire healthcare industry by finding better ways to leverage technology, talented people, and industry-leading processes to identify ways to streamline essential administrative tasks, and at the end of the day, lower the cost of healthcare administration. The knowledge and expertise of healthcare information professionals is a key component to making that possible!

To learn more about Signature Performance’s service offerings, contact our team today or check out our career page for a list of our latest career opportunities.


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