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Signature Receives 2022 Cognizant Healthcare Excellence Award

Signature Performance was recently named a recipient of the 2022 Cognizant Healthcare Excellence Award. The Healthcare Excellence Award recognizes organizations that have implemented Cognizant’s digital solutions and have achieved innovation and excellence.

This distinction recognized Signature’s commitment to changing the conversation around healthcare administrative costs by utilizing our technology-based solution, ClaimsXM. The platform’s data-driven approach has streamlined administrative tasks, eased provider frustrations, and reduced other manual challenges associated with claims administration. The high performance of the ClaimsXM system has directly resulted in the reduction of cost for VA, freeing resources to be applied to Veteran care and other critical areas of provider and patient needs.

“It takes a special team and culture to navigate the complexities of implementing a new system for the Department of Veterans Affairs. We value the partnership with Cognizant as the flexibility offered on the platform’s rule driven features allowed us to meet VA’s unique and constantly evolving requirements and successfully deploy a heavily customized solution to VA, exceeding their expectations throughout the implementation process,” Karen Hudgins, President and Chief Operating Officer of Signature Performance, said.

At Signature Performance, we take immense pride in our partnerships and feel that by working together, a premier healthcare experience can be achieved, and a positive impact can be made in the healthcare industry. Signature Performance is improving not only our clients’ business but the entire healthcare industry by finding better ways to leverage technology, talented people, and industry-leading processes to identify ways to streamline essential administrative tasks, and at the end of the day, lower the cost of healthcare administration. The knowledge and expertise of healthcare information professionals is a key component to making that possible!

“Signature Performance’s implementation of ClaimsXM, built on Cognizant’s TriZetto® Facets® core platform and TriZetto® NetworX Pricer® is a great success story and is a prime example of how a modernized, foundational IT infrastructure can transform health plan administration to meet next-generation consumer expectations,” Craig Mengert, Chief Executive of Cognizant’s TriZetto Healthcare Products, said. “The Facets core provided the flexibility, automation, and configurability Signature Performance needed to meet VA’s highly complex and constantly evolving needs and transform the way they do their business.”


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